A Collection of People with Purple Eyes and What Causes them

People with Purple Eyes

Are there really people with purple eyes? If you’ve followed my website, I wrote an article about Elizabeth Taylor’s Eyes and if they were really purple.  It turns out that they are blue.  So that leads me to ask the question if there are any people with purple eyes out there.  There’s a lot of debate about whether natural purple eyes exist. Some scientists say that they don’t. There are at least 600 people on this entire planet that would disagree with them. That’s the approximate number of people who have natural purple eyes. Purple eyes are also known as Alexandria’s Genesis.

While Alexandria’s Genesis and purple eyes are used interchangeably, they aren’t the same thing. Who are some people with purple eyes? Even though there are a lot of myths about purple eyes, it’s evident that people do indeed have them. So why do they have them? Is it a disorder with health risks or a beautiful accident?

A Collection of People with Purple Eyes

The problem with finding pictures of people with purple eyes is that the pictures are usually doctored and altered.  So I began to search for videos.  While videos can be altered to, it’s a lot harder to do.  So far I found two examples of people with purple eyes.


Above is a video of Jaime’s beautiful Purple eyes.



I know…kind of a sad list.. but purple eye color is so rare that it’s difficult to find people with this eye color. An internet search will bring up countless images of Elizabeth Taylor and no one else.  Whether they are natural or not is up for debate.

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What Determines Eye Color?

Different factors determine your eye color. These include the amount of melanin in the iris, the density of the stroma, which is a thin tissue in the iris, and the lighting conditions. Genetic makeup has a determination in eye color as well, with up to 16 different genes having a say.

Alexandria’s Genesis

Here is the story of Alexandria’s Genesis. The myth started in 1015 Ancient Egypt. The story goes that a supernatural light appeared in the sky giving purple eyes and pale skin to anyone who saw it. Medically, the first recording of purple eyes was in 1329 England.

Alexandria Augustine is the first known human to be born with violet eyes. The child’s mother brought her to a priest (from fear of her being under a spell) who named the condition Alexandria’s Genesis. Alexandria Augustine later had two girls who also had purple eyes. She also lived to be over 100 years old.

The legend says that someone with Alexandria’s Genesis is, essentially, perfect. While it’s described as a disorder, the so-called symptoms seem to be anything but. Usually associated with women (though men are born with purple eyes as well), this disorder causes pale skin that is immune to tanning or sunburn, no body hair growth, no menstruation, high immunity, ideal body shape, and limited excretion of wastes. There’s also an extended life expectancy up 150 years and aging stops around the age of 50, with the process slowing after the age of 25.

While there is no body hair growth, hair color is black or brown and it grows normally on the head, eyelashes, and nostrils. There’s no menstruation, but normal fertility. These women are supposed to have above average fitness levels, never gain weight, and they pass little to no excrement, no matter how much they eat. They are also said to have perfect vision until death.

Since there is no confirmation that a human has lived up to 150 years in the last several centuries, it’s safe to say that this disorder is a myth. Scientists have proven that fertility without menstruation is impossible. Not having regular excrements causes complications that can lead to blood poisoning and death. Unfortunately, no human can survive with some of the characteristics of Alexandria’s Genesis.

Finally, a single gene doesn’t control all the areas affected by Alexandria’s Genesis.

The Real Reason Behind Purple Eyes

Alexandria’s Genesis is a myth influenced by some truth. Alexandria Augustine lived to be over 100, which is where the long life expectancy myth came from. Some medical conditions prevent women from ever being able to menstruate, but they are infertile as a result. This isn’t evident in the case of Alexandria Augustine since she had children. If she didn’t have any of these characteristics associated with Alexandria’s Genesis, what caused her purple eyes?

One scientific explanation for purple eyes is a condition called albinism. People with this disease have no skin pigmentation giving them a pale appearance and blond hair, no matter what race they are. The lack of pigmentation also affects eye color, making them appear purple or red. However, those with albinism tend to have vision problems including nearsightedness or farsightedness, sensitivity to light, or the inability of keeping both eyes in the same direction, among others. There is a possibility of the lack of body hair in some.

Another explanation is a form of mutation. Actress Elizabeth Taylor is said to have had purple eyes. While there have been questions throughout her career if her purple eyes were natural, colored contacts weren’t invented until the 1980s, years after her height in Hollywood. From above, she didn’t have purple eyes, but a very distinct shade of blue that would look purple when paired with certain eye shadow and wardrobe colors.

One final belief is that some people with purple eyes may actually have blue eyes that appear purple under certain lights or following an injury due to the mixture of red blood vessels and blue color.

people with purple eyes

If you have purple eyes and no other medical conditions, consider yourself blessed. You can use makeup to enhance your gift. Use gray eye shadow to bring out the gray undertones. Use charcoal or black eyeliners. You can also use pink tones. If you want to complement your color, use metallic colors, greens or purple eye makeup. Since violet eyes are so beautiful on their own, don’t use too much makeup to take away from them.

If you are not one of the fortunate people with the purple eyes, you can temporarily adopt the look with colored contact lenses.