Best Marilyn Monroe Books Review
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Welcome to my review of the best Marilyn Monroe Books.  Now don’t get too upset just because this isn’t Audrey Hepburn.  There is plenty of spotlight to go around for everyone.

 One of the most iconic figures of the 20th century, Marilyn Monroe, star of such classic films as “Some Like It Hot” and “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”, is still the subject of fascination even more than 50 years since her death. Her status as a sex symbol, her torrid romantic relationships, and life tragically cut short have made Monroe one of the most fascinating celebrities to have ever lived. For more insight into the woman behind the legend, you can turn to several books, all of which show a different side of who the world came to know as “Marilyn Monroe.”

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  • Page length: 208 pages
  • What is the book about?: This is the story of Marilyn Monroe, as told by her. This posthumously published memoir gives you a glimpse into Monroe’s sad childhood, growing up, and her reaching of celebrity status.
  • Text/Photo?: This book contains a good even mix of text and photos so you’ll see a lot and you’ll learn a lot too.
  • Quality: The quality of the book is strong, with well-preserved and restored photos.
  • Overall recommendation: This book is recommended if you are a fan of Monroe or if you want to get an up close and personal glimpse into her. The subject matter is very heavy at times, which may turn off some readers looking for a lighter read. Otherwise, most adults and older teens should be moved by this candid memoir. If you want to get know her on an intimate level then this is a must have book and is the reason why this book made it on this “best Marilyn Monroe books review”.
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Marilyn Monroe: Metamorphosis

  • Page length: 320 pages
  • What is the book about?: This book chronicles the life and looks of Marilyn Monroe through a massive collection of photos, some previously unpublished.
  • Text/Photo?: This book is overwhelmingly photo-focused with some text passages interspersed
  • Quality: The binding of the book looks very strong, as does the quality of the photos they have selected for the book.
  • Overall recommendation: Monroe’s status as an icon is in no small part due to her immensely photogenic self. David Willis’ book does justice to Monroe’s look (or rather, “looks”) through the pages upon pages of photos he compiles. If you want thorough photographic evidence into what makes an icon an icon, you should purchase this book.  One of the best Marilyn Monroe books out there and other reviewers agree.
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Fragments: Poems, Intimate Notes, and Letters

  • Page length: 256 pages
  • What is the book about?: “Fragments” captures Marilyn Monroe at perhaps her most personal: through notes, letters, and poems, some written by hand.
  • Text/Photo?: This book is primarily text-focused, with some photographs interspersed.
  • Quality: The quality of the book looks generally strong. The only issue you might have is reading the writing on some of Monroe’s handwritten notes.
  • Overall recommendation: This is definitely a book for the die hard Marilyn Monroe fan. If you really want to peel back the layers of Monroe’s life, no matter how haunting or bittersweet they might be, you should purchase this book.
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Marilyn: In the Flash

  • Page length: 256 pages
  • What is the book about?: “Marilyn: In the Flash” demonstrates the impact that Marilyn Monroe had on the press. For photographers, she provided an indelible look that demanded preservation. For interviewers, she provided a level of celebrity so large, they had to know what made her tick. This book captures just how Monroe’s looks and words alike were so impactful.
  • Text/Photo?: This book mainly features gorgeous photos, with a small portion dedicated to text.
  • Quality: The quality of this book is strong, with the impressive photography being the key attraction.
  • Overall recommendation: If you are a huge fan of Marilyn Monroe, and want fantastic book of photographs that dives into her life and career, from her early years as a model to her achieving status as a Hollywood icon and sex symbol, then you should really consider getting this book.
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What are your suggestions for the best Marilyn Monroe books?

Did I miss any books or do you disagree with any kooky statements I made? Please let me know in the comments below!

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