So you’re looking everywhere for the best Marilyn Monroe gifts and recommendations for that special someone, BUT, you’re not finding anything worthwhile or interesting. Here are some awesome gift ideas for any Marilyn Monroe fan! Hope you enjoy!

~ Marilyn Monroe Books ~

Marilyn Monroe Book - Metamorphosis

OUR RECOMMENDATION: My Personal favorite is Marilyn Monroe’s Metamorphosis book, it’s the best one to get. Quality binding and pages, beautiful photos, great information.  This is a book you can be proud of showcasing in your home.

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~ Elegant Marilyn Monroe Shirts ~

best Marilyn Monroe Shirts

OUR RECOMMENDATION: We love the fit, we love the design, and we love how it looks when worn.  It’s professionally designed with a sophisticated taste we know you’ll enjoy. One of the best looking Marilyn Monroe shirts out there, in our opinion.

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~ Vintage Black and White Glass Set ~

Marilyn Monroe Glass Gifts Drinking Cups

OUR RECOMMENDATION: This classy Marilyn Monroe glass set is something every collector should have. Have these glasses to drink out of or have them out for decorations. These glasses hold 10 oz of fluid and make great little Marilyn Monroe gifts!

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~ Marilyn Monroe Ceramic Mug ~

“Some like it Hot!” 🙂

Ceramic Marilyn Monroe Mug

OUR RECOMMENDATION: Love this mug! Did you catch the witty play on of words on the cup “Some like it Hot”?  Keep your coffee hot and take it with you on the run in your car.  Has a nifty little mug lid to prevent spilling and conveniently fits in car holders.

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~ Wooden Marilyn Monroe Jewelry Box ~

Wooden Marilyn Monroe Jewelry Box

OUR RECOMMENDATION: This Marilyn Monroe themed Jewelry box has a old Hollywood vintage style to it. It truly is a beautiful design on a well built wooden box.  The only issue with this box is that the image tends to wear a little bit if you let water sit on it.  If it gets wet and you wipe it off relatively quick, you won’t have an issue.

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Micro Plush Marilyn Monroe Blanket / Throw

Marilyn Monroe Blanket Throw Micro PlushOUR RECOMMENDATION: These micro plush throw blankets make awesome Marilyn Monroe gifts! They are relatively inexpensive and extremely versatile. I always have a throw blanket on the couch and curl up with it watching a movie.  You can’t go wrong with this Marilyn Monroe blanket.

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~ Cute Marliyn Monroe Bedding Set ~

Marilyn Monroe Bedding Set

OUR RECOMMENDATION: Looking for an elegant Marilyn Monroe bedding set? Well after some time searching for one, we found the best design.  We love the poses and the classy white, black, and accent colors of red.

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Long Silk Chiffon Marilyn Monroe Scarf Wrap

Chiffon Silk Marilyn Monroe Scarf

OUR RECOMMENDATION: Step up your style with this silk chiffon Marilyn Monroe scarf. Great feeling frabric with a fantastic print of Marilyn! These scarfs would make a great little Marilyn Monroe gifts.

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Cardboard Marilyn Monroe Cutout / Standup

Marilyn Monroe Cutout Standup Cardboard

OUR RECOMMENDATION: If you’re any type of Marilyn Monroe fan, you’re collection is not complete without a LIFE SIZED Marilyn Monroe cutout standup! These cutouts are pretty good quality and can last for years if you take care of it properly. There are so many cutout designs to choose from.  We’re sure that you’ll have trouble just picking one! We specifically like this iconic one.

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Chic Marilyn Monroe Shower Curtain

Marilyn Monroe Shower Curtain Gift

OUR RECOMMENDATION: We love this chic shower curtain. Spark life into an ordinary bathroom with your favorite actress, Marilyn in a barrage of beautiful iconic photos! This Marilyn Monroe shower curtain isn’t a cheap vinyl one, it’s made out of a nice waterproof polyester fabric along with rust proof grommets!

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Do you have any Marilyn Monroe Gifts to Recommend?

Please let us know in the comments below if know of any other great Marilyn Monroe gifts out there that should be on this list.