So lately I’ve been researching “Audrey Hepburn Wedding Dress” because I’m curious about the types that she wore in her first wedding and second wedding and who designed the dress.  Little did I know, I found a few surprises along the way such as the wedding dress that Audrey never wore.  Hope you enjoy what I dug up.

Dress #1 – The Wedding Dress Audrey Hepburn Never Wore

Audrey Hepburn Wedding Dress when she was engaged the first time
Audrey Hepburn wedding dress from her first engagement with James Hanson

Audrey Hepburn was engaged to James Hanson in 1950 and 7 years after the ravages of WWII. At that time, Audrey was in Italy acting alongside Gregory Peck in The Roman Holiday film. Few people today are aware of the difficulties she endured due to the Allied artillery shellings and the famine the Dutch suffered.

In those seven years, there were a lot of changes in Audrey’s life. One result was her decision to cancel her marriage to her fiancée, a rich Englishman, James Hanson. Even though her wedding gown was ready to be worn after being designed by the famous Fontana Sisters, Hepburn put her wedding off by stating, “The demands of their careers would keep them apart most of the time”.

The wedding was cancelled and the gown was hanging in the shop of the Fontana Sisters in Rome. Audrey asked the sisters to give the dress to a beautiful Italian girl who would never be able to afford such a dress. The sisters carried out Audrey’s generous request, and Amabile Altobella had the wedding gown of her dreams as a gift from Audrey.

Audrey Hepburn wedding dress #1 standing in Mirror

In 1944, the Fontana sisters were famous for their designs of romantic ball and bridal gowns’ designs. The fabric of the gown was a bridal satin in an off-white color like so many bridal gowns of those days. The long-sleeved design was simply adorned but luxurious looking. A bow at the front center of the waist was the only decoration on the dress. The gown length was down to the ankles and slightly longer at the back. The neckline design was a Bateau that was similar to the wedding dress she wore in Funny Face.

Dress #2 – When Audrey Married Mel Ferrer

Audrey Hepburn wedding dress #1 – walking down the wedding isle

Audrey Hepburn’s first walk down the marriage aisle was on September 25, 1954 when she married the actor Mel Ferrer. The wedding dress she wore was a Pierre Balmain design which flared, tea-length dress adorned with a bridal satin sash. Audrey’s style in gowns and dresses often included a high neckline and her wedding dress was no exception. The unique high neckline of this wedding dress was in the shape of a stand-up Peter Pan collar. The ballgown sleeves and elbow-length gloves added a touch of sophisticated elegance to her fashionable wedding gown. A floral crown was the perfect finishing detail of her wedding day outfit.

Audrey Hepburn wedding dress
Audrey Hepburn wedding dress #1 with Mel Ferrer

When Audrey and Mel married, the ceremony took place in the City Hall of a small town on a lake shoreline. The first ceremony was followed by a wedding ceremony the next day in the church detachment. Only their closest friends and relatives were in attendance. The Swiss police were careful to prevent a single stranger from attending.

first marriage Mel Ferrer - Audrey Hepburn Wedding Dresses

Even though the couple announced that they were leaving for their honeymoon in Italy after the ceremony, they secretly returned to their home to celebrate alone.

Dress #3 – When Audrey Married Andrea Dotti

In 1969, Audrey married for the second time to an Italian psychiatrist, Andrea Dotti. The town hall wedding took place in Morges, Switzerland. The dress Audrey wore was designed by the famous Hubert de Givenchy who also designed those many iconic pieces Audrey wore in her movie roles.

Dotti Second Marriage - Audrey Hepburn Wedding Dress
Audrey Hepburn wedding dress #2 marrying Dotti

Her dress was a simple design in pale pink with a mini-dress length. As so many of Audrey’s dresses were high necked showing her gorgeous swan-like neck so too was this one with a funnel neckline. The long sleeves of the dress ended in a ruffle along with gloves to add to the formality of the occasion. Her accessories for the day were a modest pair of white ballet flats and white tights. A matching headscarf finished off the totally unassuming look for the day.

Dress #4 – Audrey Hepburn’s Wedding Dress in Funny Face

Hepburn’s wedding dress in Funny Face set the scene for generations to come’s classic and stylish dresses. The graceful combination of tulle and bridal satin in white was to be worn by many a bride.

Funny Face Wedding Dress-Givenchy
Audrey Hepburn Wedding Dress from Funny Face with Hubert Givenchy in the background

Every bride loves the idea of dancing at her wedding and the style of a tea-length dress like Hepburn’s was the choice of many for that reason. The dancing pair of Audrey and Fred Astaire may have appeared pristine and graceful, but, in fact, mud and slippery grass blighted them. After waiting twenty years to dance with Fred Astaire, Audrey joked about the experience by saying all she got was mud in her eye.

Another style element of the dress was the beautiful Sabrina neckline and with a lovely veil added to the ensemble that created an exquisite and dainty look by Givenchy perfect for any wedding day. Features of this classic ’50s style dress included a full skirt of many tulle layers and tight bodice.

If you’re planning a vintage ’50s or ’60s themed wedding, Audrey’s 1957 Funny Face gown would be perfect. It may be a vintage design, but it certainly wouldn’t look out of place on today’s catwalk. For more bride’s dresses similar to Hepburn’s visit Cutting Edge Brides Online.

Funny Face Wedding Dress

Where to get an Inspired Audrey Hepburn Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress Fantasy (also check cutting edge brides up above) can bring you back in time with a gorgeous bridal gown created with luxurious bridal satin and inspired by Audrey Hepburn. Your wedding dress can be fully customized according to your wishes. The gown can be created with or without a train, high neckline, in any color or with other options you may want.

Audrey Flaunts Gorgeous Givenchy Design at 1954 Academy Awards

The most popular dress of the 1954 Academy Awards is believed by many to be the French designer Hubert de Givenchy’s creation worn by Audrey Hepburn. This was the first of a lasting professional association. Following that evening, Audrey wore Givenchy designs for seven of her movies and often wore his clothes off-screen as well. The dress for the evening was one with a white floral pattern. Its tight belt emphasized the fabulous slim waistline of Audrey’s.