Meet Mia Alexandra Jones – A Stunning Audrey Hepburn Look A like

Mia Alexandra Jones - Stunning Audrey Hepburn Lookalike

Everyone, meet the extremely lovely Mia Alexandra Jones. She currently lives in the UK and aspires to be an Audrey Hepburn look alike and she’s done a incredible job at nailing down the look!  So make sure you give her a warm welcome and comment below if you’d like to!

I’ve recently been in contact with Mia off and on for a few weeks and she’s been an absolute  pleasure to talk to.  I’m going to try and get some more information from her later to share with everyone.

She’s given me some photos to post up.  I’ve encouraged her to take some more and share with everyone.  Below are some of her photos with my remarks.

If you want to use her in any photo shoot work, promotionals, or design work that needs an Audrey Hepburn look alike or inspired look, then you should definitely reach out to her.

She can be reached at her preferred email address:

mia (dot) jones (at) hotmail (dot) co (dot) uk

I split her email up to protect her from spam.  Just replace the (dot) and (at) with real “.” and real “@”.

Here are some more Stunning Images of Mia Alexandra Jones

Picture Below:  In this pic, Mia absolutely nails down Audrey Hepburn’s look, a charming innocent look that exudes a kind, very timeless, and graceful demeanor.  She’s going after the Sabrina look with the bold red lip, short looking gamine hair-do, bold eyebrows, simplified pearl earrings that Audrey would wear.

Picture Below: Audrey loved wearing fashionable turtlenecks and she wore them well because of her long graceful neck.  Mia does the same exact thing in this photo of hers and she wears the turtle neck just as well as Audrey.  The pose she chose is a very classy one, looking down.  Notice the bold eye brow Sabrina look.  We recently did an article on Sabrina eyebrows that might help you with this.  No surprise here though, she has done flawless Sabrina eyebrows!

What makes this look complete is how she’s properly applied her eye shadow and most important of all… her long beautiful lashes and how you can almost see every individual eye lash!  That’s something that Audrey talks about, that her and her makeup artists would painstakingly separate each eyelash with a pin!

Picture Below: Here’s another cute shot of Mia which reminds me of Breakfast at Tiffany’s since it appears that her lipstick and hair is lighter in shade similar to Holly Golightly, but that could be just the lighting.

Picture Below:  Black turtle neck! Mia, pulling off the Jo Stockton look.  This picture definitely reminds me of Funny Face.  If you haven’t seen it, you are definitely missing out… missing out so much.



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