How to Get Perfect Audrey Hepburn Eyebrows!

Audrey Hepburn Eyebrows - Sabrina Feature

So you want perfect Audrey Hepburn eyebrows!? Well, you’re in the right place.  I am going to show you the different types of Audrey Hepburn eyebrows there were during Audrey’s career and then I’m going to explain the eyebrow technique & method behind each one.

Now it’s important to note that Audrey Hepburn went through about 3 to 4 different looks with her eyebrows. These different eyebrows which we will compare are from different movies such as Roman Holiday, Sabrina, Funny Face, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Sabrina Eyebrows

We will start off with her most famous eyebrow look, which starts with a extremely bold brow that she showcases in the movie Sabrina (her second movie).

The 1950’s was an era that heavily showcased bold eyebrows. Audrey Hepburn at the time followed this trend, however, she further made this trend more popular among everybody, and became a very popular look.

When people refer to Audrey Hepburn eyebrows, it is the Sabrina eyebrows they are usually referring to.  If you have big eyes and dark hair, you can pull this look off.

Audrey Hepburn Eyebrows - Sabrina

Why Do Her Eyebrows Look SOOO Good on her?

These very bold eyebrows look great on Audrey because her face is very small and her eyes are very large. Audrey Hepburn’s eyebrows perfectly frame and compliment her eyes. If she had smaller eyes, or a larger head, then this look would be very difficult to pull off.

There’s also another element playing in this – it deals with the concept of contrasting.  The dark bold eyebrow is typically associated with testosterone and men. Audrey has very feminine features, petite face, large eyes, small long neck that signal elegance, beauty, and gentleness and it’s paired / contrasted with a a bold eyebrow that perfectly frames in her large eyes.

Now, what’s happening subconsciously that make some guys attracted to this look is that they see all the qualities of an elegant, cute, petite woman with eyebrows that suggests that this woman has more testosterone in her which signals that this woman has an increase sexual libido which increases the chance of mating and thus increasing chances of making babies which is the main point to sex (if that wasn’t the point, there wouldn’t be a human race) and also the bonding of partners with the drug oxytocin the body makes during sex.

Now in the future, sadly there probably won’t be any sex. Everyone will have their libido castigated from birth and there will be no urge to stick things on places where you once stuck them before, you’ll be sterile – like a monsanto seed.  You look up and there is a floating triangle in the sky who you call mother and it gives birth to us and future generations inside of it’s biomechanical womb. Anyways… lol

Obviously, I’m not saying that women should just stop shaving and build giant muscles to show that they have more testosterone signals.  That’s it on a very primitive and primal level why certain things are attractive to certain people.  Anyway sorry I’ve gotten off topic! Back to Audrey Hepburn eyebrows!

Keys that create this Eyebrow:

Below is a great example of the blockiness of Audrey Hepburn’s eyebrow.  The right side picture shows how to pencil in the outline of the eyebrow.

  1. Bold – Extremely Bold and Dark.  This gives contrast to the face and frames the eyes.
  2. Blocky – Remember, that Audrey filled in her eyebrows to create a somewhat blocky, bold look.
  3. Angled – Notice the angle and the down point on the trailing end of the eyebrow.
  4. Have Big Eyes – Even if you don’t have big eyes, you can make them look bigger by using longer lashes and eyeshadow.
  5. Have Dark Hair – You could pair this with dark eyebrows and lighter hair but it typically looks best on dark hair.
  6. For your Convenience – Try and use an Audrey Hepburn eyebrow stencil:

Audrey Hepburn Eyebrows

Here’s a Good Example of GREAT Eyebrow Makeup Technique

Roman Holiday Eyebrows

Roman Holiday was Audrey Hepburn’s first movie that she starred in as the lead role.

From looking at her past photos, I believe that these eyebrows are her original eyebrows. Her past photos show the same size, shape, and darkness.

Audrey Hepburn Eyebrows

Wait, Why Do These Eyebrows Look So Cute on her?

These eyebrows still have a slight boldness to them that compliment her eyes.  More importantly, this look works because Audrey’s face shape is very square and angular so having a round eyebrow really balances out her face.

Keys that create this Eyebrow:

  1. Different Shape – If you notice, the shape of these Audrey Hepburn eyebrows is totally different.  It’s virtually two arches, top and bottom of the eyebrow edges –  a simple enough difference. However, what i find most INTERESTING, is that the line that connects the two arches is a horizontal line.  Usually most eyebrows are connect with a vertical line or a slanted line.  I can’t remember ever seeing a horizontal line as the edge connecting the top and bottom edges of the eyebrow.
  2. Bold Eyebrow – These Roman Holiday Audrey Hepburn eyebrows are still filled in to create a bold look, HOWEVER, they are not as bold as her Sabrina eyebrows – they are more tailored. Focus on filling in with a lighter shade.  Don’t get too thin at the end of your eyebrows, there’s still some thickness at the point. Don’t make it a pencil point.
  3. Smooth, Graceful Curve- No Angled Point – Notice that the top does not have a point on it, and it is one graceful Curve.  Focus on creating an elegant arch for the eyebrow that doesn’t
  4. Use an eyebrow stencil: I don’t have a stencil made up for this but you could definately make one yourself by looking at her pictures, using thick card stock, and trial and error.  If you guys want a template of this, let me know in the comments below and I’ll see what I can do.

Audrey Hepburn Eyebrows

Audrey Hepburn Eyebrows

Funny Face Eyebrows

Not everybody knows the movie, Funny Face, which is a shame because it’s probably within my top three favorite movies of Audrey Hepburn’s.

Audrey Hepburn Eyebrows

How to Recreate this Funny Face Eyebrow Look:

There’s something interesting to note about her eyebrow look in this movie. There’s almost no bend or arch in the eyebrow!

  1. Recreate the eyebrow end to be more horizontal – The key to this look is the tail end of the eyebrow. Notice how the end of her eyebrow in the picture above that it almost goes straight across.  It has a very slight bend. Actually, in her play “Ondine” ( a year earlier) Audrey wears her eyebrows straight across.  It looks very strange I think, but somehow she pulls off the look.  She must have been going for an avant garde look with her weird hair style and eyebrows.
  2. Reshape – You might have to reshape the end of your eyebrow by plucking, or using concealer.
  3. Fill in with light shade – Pencil and fill in the eyebrow with a light shade.  This will be lighter than the Roman Holiday and Sabrina Eyebrows.
  4. Avoid penciled look – Avoid a penciled in look by not drawing a deep bold outline, try to use smudging to blur the edge.

Audrey Hepburn Eyebrows

Breakfast at Tiffany’s Audrey Hepburn Eyebrows

Breakfast at Tiffany’s is Audrey Hepburn’s most famous film that is idolized by so many girls all over the world. With this said, her eyebrows don’t really play a significant role in the film. The movie was made in the early 60’s and the style of eyebrow back then had changed from bold to very light.  So as you can see in this movie and in the picture below, they are very light.

Audrey Hepburn Eyebrows - Breakfast at Tiffany's

How to Recreate this Breakfast at Tiffany’s Eyebrow Look:

They key to this look, is natural, sparse, and light eyebrows.  This match is best paired with other light things, like Audrey’s pink lipstick and makeup.

  1. Light – These eyebrows may have been dyed a different color.  I would not use a filler since that usually darkens the eyebrows (even if it’s a lighter color).
  2. Natural – You can really tell that her eyebrows have a more natural look because you can see the sporadic hairs at the edge of the eyebrow.  There is not a distinct line from an outline pencil.
  3. Matches Hair Color – You can notice that her eyebrows coordinates and matches her hair color
  4. Reshape – Look at the image above and other Holly Golightly images to get the idea of how the shape of her eyebrow is.

Celebrities who have Inspired Audrey Hepburn Eyebrows

Lily Collins

Lily Collins wears big, bold, beautiful eyebrows and absolutely rocks the hell out of them.  Out of all the celebrities, she wears the “bold brow look” the best, right next to Audrey.  She has said in past interviews that Audrey has definitely inspired her style.  Lily Collins, oh how we adore you.

Audrey Hepburn Eyebrows - Lilly Collins





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