[ BEST DRESSED ] – 5 Gorgeous Bloggers Dressing up as Holly Golightly

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We all know that Audrey Hepburn is truly a symbol of timeless beauty.

Now, I was lucky enough to stumble across these 5 lovely bloggers who have done an extremely incredible job in dressing up as Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s – one of the best movies ever (what did you expect, you’re on an Audrey Hepburn site).  It’s always interesting to see how other people interpret someone else’s style.  And… they certainly nailed it down and made it their own!

If any of you are curious to learn more about them, I placed a link to their websites.

I highly encourage you to visit them – they all have awesome inspirational how-to’s, tips and tricks that they share.  I’ve been happily lost in a sea of their articles for days!

NOTE: The list is not ranking anyone.  It’s randomly organized based on email. In other words, don’t ask me to pick a favorite because they all are! πŸ˜‰


Website: Sara du Jour

Sara went all out with her Holly Golightly costume by garnishing it with a coffee, sunglasses, and a pastry!  I had an extremely hard time selecting a photo from her website because ALL of them looked so beautiful.

I will tell you this –> THIS girl’s eye makeup and lashes are so on point. You can almost see every. single. lash. separated. It is something that every girl strives for whether they have false or real lashes. Luckily, she has some tutorials to recreate it.

MORE DETAIL: Sara is from Toronto, Canada.  She enjoys movie marathons, curling up with a good book, and staying up late into the wee hours of the night.

Her site features a lot of interesting things like other awesome looking costumes ( I personally love the Belle one), beauty & fashion, books, advice, food and it’s all nicely showcased.

She has a very warm, witty, and inviting writing style that makes you feel all warm and sparkly inside. πŸ™‚

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Charlotte Tighe

Instagram: @charmtighe

Charlotte is one of the best Audrey Hepburn look-a-likes that we have stumbled across.  You have to look at all of her photos to truly gain an appreciation for her work.  If you look at her breathtaking photos in her Instagram, you can tell that she has a tremendous amount of attention to details.  She has recreated some very famous Audrey Hepburn photos, where I thought it was actually Audrey Hepburn! They are that good!

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Website: The Joy of Fashion

I love the pose that Marie made, she nailed it!  She looks flirty, sexy, and classy all at the same time.  One of the things I like about Marie’s interpretation of Holly Golightly is that she wears a shorter length dress.  This causes the outfit to look more fun and flirty.  She also layers the pearl necklaces at different lengths. Something that I need to try out.

I almost didn’t notice this, but she has a tiara on top!

MORE DETAIL: Marie loves fashion and created her website back in 2009 to share with everyone her passion.  She was born and raised in a warm tropical country, Panama.

Marie has a very fun and energetic tone to her writing and the topics she picks. You can definitely tell that she is passionate about the things she shares and creates.  Extremely insightful and lovely articles, you really need to check her out.

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Website: Ms Glitzy

Pei is beautifully shown on the left in her stunning Holly Golightly look.  She’s even posed the exact same way as one of the cover shoots for Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

She has a big beautiful smile that could lighten up any dark day.  Delicately held in her hand is an elegant cigarette holder and for the finishing touch she is topped with a lovely tiara.

Now for those who don’t know, Pei has been on the beauty & fashion blogging arena since 2009! She’s from Singapore and has had a lot of accolades for her website’s endeavors proving that she has a talent for writing and helping others.  She has been featured in Technorati’s top 100 fashion blogs and she was in the TOP 10 finalists of the Singapore Blog Awards.

Right now she is taking a break from Msglitzy and focusing on her new venture thetlist.net

I read her bio and was proud to see that not only is she passionate about fashion, but she’s a kind person who’s interested in helping people and her community.

I am honored to have you one this list, Pei!

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Sarah Blodgett Holly Golightly Costume Dress Up


Website: Everyday Starlet

First off, WE LOVE THIS GIRL.  She is an absolute doll! If you watch some of her videos, you will know what we’re talking about. Now, on to her look – Sarah took a very refreshing approach to this Holly Golightly look. She’s recreated a modern incarnation of it with an elegant black dress with long sleeves. Around her neck is the focal point to the outfit, which is a bold, beautiful vintage/ modern necklace (reminds me of 1920’s jewelry).

Sarah believes that everyone can be a starlet and she focuses on classic Hollywood styles. And reading her bio, she has quite an inspiring story all women can identify with and is the main drive to why she made her website – helping women feel beautiful when maybe they don’t and helping them have a voice. <3

I have recently watched this girl’s YouTube, and she has such a TV personality and brings such a presence!  I’ve posted her YouTube video on the left of her being a StyleCodeLive finalist! We are so proud of this lady!  Now, I hate public speaking, so I was holding my breath the whole time when she was on talking on StyleCodeLive.  She did such an awesome job, such a pro, and I am extreeeemely impressed and inspired.  In her beginning videos, she didn’t talk much actually (maybe she needed time to acclimate to the camera). We think her YouTube channel is really going to take off. She seems so down to earth, relatable, and seems like she’d be cool to hang out with!

PS. Don’t get too close to that air conditioner Sarah! πŸ˜‰

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Yuka Yoneda - Holly Golightly Dress Up


Website: Clossette

Yuka is looking gorgeous as usual!  With her back leaning against the wall, she exudes a refined attitude while holding “breakfast” in her hands :).  I thought this idea was extremely clever that tied the whole costume together. Well done!

Yuka hails from Queens, NY. She is a prolific writer, writing for Ecouterre, The Daily Green, and the New York Times.  Her awesome ideas have been featured on The Today Show, Glamour, and HGTV.com.

I have much respect for Yuka and her website.  The idea behind her website is really unique because her it focuses on secondhand fashion for people who also want to be sustainable both for the environment and monetarily without skimping on style. Finally! Someone who cares about our environment and our hard earned money!

Her information is PRICELESS, she has a lot of DIY and handy tips for buying and restoring all sorts of things, like this purse – super interesting! She has a plethora of extremely useful DIY at her  website and YouTube channel. Plus she’s super nice and writes you back when you make a comment πŸ™‚

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Website: Katie Did What

Katie poses in a regal manner in her beautiful black dress while exuding a confident stoic look! She perfectly captures the lovely essence of Holly Golightly with her up-do hair slightly tussled with her charming companion to the side of her, Cat.

I thought that she pulled things extremely well together!  I especially thought it was clever to use the cat.  Katie also wore a trench coat for the outfit ( there is a different image on her website) –  I haven’t seen many people do this, so it was definitely a refreshing look!

Katie lives in sunny California with her 2 kids and her husband Zack.  She created her website to share her life and ideas with everyone.  Her husband helps her out with the website and SEO for it. On her website you’ll find all sorts of goodies from motherhood, her fitness tips, diets, routines, etc.

She also is a talented and distinguished writer, writing monthly for mom.me.

She recently gave birth to another child this year, Sophie. Congrats on the newest addition!

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