Just Being Audrey - Audrey Hepburn

After finishing this book, any Audrey fan will absolutely adore this. The illustrations perfectly capture her inner sparkle and the text focuses on the kindness of her heart and actions, which is what makes her such a truly remarkable and beautiful person.

An reviewer explains this well:

Just Being Audrey proves to be one of those relatively rare cases where the author and illustrator are completely in synch regarding the theme and tone of the book. Author Margaret Cardillo writes like she has always known Audrey Hepburn by heart and after extensive research by the author and illustrator, Julia Denos, the two artists bring her best qualities to life for a new generation of readers.

To be kind above all, a message Hepburn’s mother, a baroness, instilled in Audrey, is timely in our age of a disturbing increase in bullying as a result of ignorance of differences and issues of diversity. It is a welcome theme throughout the book and one that children respond very well to. Audrey always felt different, but with her mother’s significant encouragement we learn how she turns her unique qualities into strength of character. It is her strength of spirit that forges an unforgettable film career as well as a life that is dedicated to her own cherished children and, later in life, to children around the globe through UNICEF.

Just Being Audrey is a beautifully written and illustrated children’s book and a special gift to older generations who have grown up loving Audrey Hepburn.

Book Synopsis:

Audrey wanted only to be a dancer, but the other girls made fun of her physical hurdles: “She was too tall, her feet were too big, and her neck was too long,” and “her eyes seemed too big for her head.” Young readers will get the message: these were precisely the traits that made Audrey an iconic beauty as an adult. In short order, she was spotted by entertainment heavyweights for her je ne sais quoi and quickly catapulted to fame. Denos’ soft pastel illustrations cut just the right Audrey outline (complete with flapping neck scarf), and fans will especially enjoy picking out the movie roles depicted in a two-page spread of costumes. Her later humanitarian deeds are given their due, but it is Audrey’s simple kindness that is emphasized throughout.

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Just Being Audrey
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