I’m going to give you my Audrey Hepburn style tips! So, just like many women before our time, we hereby nominate Audrey Hepburn our official style icon!

Audrey’s closet is full of many clothing styles that women still wear today such as fitted pants, the little black dress (LBD) and charming assortments of earrings, hats, and scarves. She also helped in making pants and suits popular for women’s fashion while still making it look feminine.

What we adore the most about Hepburn’s style was not her beautiful clothes or accessories but it was her kind and charming spirit that touched everyone everywhere. She was confident in being herself and she didn’t take life too seriously-this allowed her to take a lot of chances in the way that she dressed. In a way, she alongside Givenchy helped pioneer women’s clothing and style. Her movies always showcased some sort of new fashion and style that she and her friend Givenchy collaborated.

Observing her career in the style that went along with it, we have chosen 25 timeless Audrey Hepburn style tips that every girl needs to know! Hope you Enjoy!

1. Simple Dresses 

It doesn’t need to be fancy, or pushing the envelope. Let your figure make the statement.

Dresses that fit well, and that fit your shape appropriately will always be timeless-there is no need for flashy decorations or patterns that take away from what you really want people to focus on-the female figure.

Here’s an example. Here are some incredible vintage 1950 dresses that have a lot of Audrey Hepburn style.  The dresses have a nice stretch to them.

2. Use Gloves to Add Sophistication

White gloves complete the Princess look.  Here are some cute gloves Audrey would approve of

Audrey Hepburn Gloves White

3. Long Lashes Accentuates the Eyes

Eyes are the window to the soul and Audrey had arguably the most beautiful eyes in Hollywood.  Sure, she had gorgeous eyes to begin with, BUT, she knew how to do her makeup!  The key to big beautiful eyes is long lashes.  Audrey would apply mascara in 3 layers and separate each single lash with a pin! Talk about dedication! This is the most important tip out of all the Audrey Hepburn Style Tips.  It’s the eyes. eyes. eyes.

Audrey-Hepburn-Portrait-Everything Audrey (26)

4. Classic Horizontal Stripes Make Everything Better

Audrey was a big fan of stripes. Horizontal stripes suited her well based on how thin she was. You’ll notice in many Audrey Hepburn’s photographs, she’ll wear stripes, particularly Breton stripes which is a type of stripe that sailors wore (English and French).  France later popularized it and it became fashionable.


5. Bold Red Lips 

Bold red lips is the epitome of a woman.  There’s nothing that screams “woman” more than a nice pair of sexy red lips.

6.  Use a belt to cinch the middle of your dress

Hepburn does an exquisite job of accessorizing her plaid dress, with a white beret, cinched belt, pearl earrings (her favorite), black gloves, and a sleek looking purse.

7. Go ahead, Wear a Crown, every girl is royalty

Audrey would agree that everybody should be treated like a princess…  but only if they’re kind and not mean 🙂  I love this tiara.

8. Wear a bowtie and suit jacket

Audrey does a fantastic job of contrasting feminine qualities with masculine qualities here. The masculine qualities being the suit jacket and bowtie.  She keeps the look sexy by dolling it up with her flawless makeup. Notice the beauty mark on her left cheek. This is the only time I believe that she has worn a fake mole.

Audrey Hepburn Style Tips BowTie!!!

9. Collared shirts never go out of style.

Nicely fitted collared shirts with the top two buttons provide a casual, carefree look with the backbone of sophistication.  It says you’re intelligent and refined but you’re not uptight. This is one of my favorite pictures out of this “Audrey Hepburn style tips” article. Her eyes, are absolutely stunning.

10. Expertly placed dark eyeliner & shadow can soften up a short hair doo or haircut.

Audrey’s face would always look ultra feminine because she knew how to make her eye makeup look great

Audrey Hepburn Eyes

11. Find a classic and practical Hand bag / Purse.

At every great woman’s side is a great purse. Audrey Hepburn’s Purse was usually a Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 Hand bag.

12. Simple color blocking  

There’s nothing fancy here, but it’s simple, elegant, and I love it.


13. Adorable Summer Dresses

Light and breezy, nice and easy.  Summer dresses are fun and versatile.

14. Fun, bold prints – Why not?

Audrey was iconic for sleek, plain, elegant dresses. However, she loved her patterns too. Her plain wide-brimmed hat nicely balanced the large colorful pattern of her dress.

Talking on a tangent: The whole idea behind “the woman” is the idea of life.   She is the representation of life.  Face it, we make children – we’re baby making factories and without us there wouldn’t be life on earth.  Life is colorful and women are the epitome of life. In my opinion, the more colorful a woman is in both personality and dress, the more attractive she is.

15. Audrey Loved wearing Flats

As a ballet artist, Audrey was very fond of her ballet flats. Audrey did wear heels, but she preferred wearing flats. Flats are more versatile and functional, they still look great, and guess what? You can still walk!

16. Sunglasses. Period.

In Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Audrey Hepburn wore her famous sunglasses. She takes a classy black dress (little black dress) and adds a cool factor with the sunglasses alone.

17. Don’t Take Yourself too Seriously as Audrey would say. Have Fun. Take a fashion risk, and wear that unique item and rock it!

Just like Audrey, be lighthearted, don’t think too seriously, be playful.  Be an individual. In the example below, we all know that’s not the latest creation from Givenchy.  I think she rocked it!

18. Leave out the G String, Wear a One Piece

Instead of people thinking “skanky” they will be thinking “lady”. I believe more and more each day girls are peer pressured by society to wear bikinis.  If they don’t wear a bikini, they’re thought of as a prude.  Most girls would not show off in their bra and panties, but somehow a bikini is different? Now, to be fair, Audrey has worn bikinis.  This is just my personal rant and opinion. Oddly, I find that you’ll often turn more heads wearing a one piece. Plus, it’s more flattering unless you have an absolutely perfect body… but to each their own. 🙂

19. Be Comfortable

You can be stylish and comfortable at the same time. In this case where a nightgown for bed. is sleeping naked really that comfortable? I rather be cozy.

20. Be Yourself

Wear close that you can be yourself in.  Just be you.

Thats all! Thanks for reading my Audrey Hepburn Style Tips!

If you have any questions or comments, leave them down below!

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