Look Stunning with these 4 Audrey Hepburn Halloween Costume Ideas


Do you want to channel a stunning starlet and Hollywood icon for your next theme party or Halloween event? Here are Four incredibly glamorous Audrey Hepburn Halloween costume ideas – plus everything you need to successfully piece together each look.  We’re gonna make you look good!

1Classic Holly Golightly Costume from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

If you want to emulate Audrey Hepburn, then this iconic costume is the most obvious choice. Here’s everything you’ll need to recreate her look from this beloved film:

A little black dress:

In the film, Audrey wore a floor-length sleeveless gown. However, if you can’t find a dress in this style or it doesn’t look quite right on your body type, just about any “LBD” (little black dress) will do.  You can buy a dress online… HOWEVER, I do not recommend it! Especially if halloween is coming soon because what if the dress doesn’t fit… maybe it is too loose, or too tight?  I think your best bet here is to go down to your local macy’s or other department store as there are tons of black dresses to choose from.

Black pumps:

Audrey rocked black leather pointed-toe pumps in the film. However, the shoes aren’t really the statement-making aspect of this costume. So if you already own round-toe pumps or sling-back sandals, they will work just fine… as long as they’re black!  If you’re a girl, which I’m trusting that you are, then you’ll more than surely have a pair! If not, go down to payless shoe store and grab some cheap ones for $15 – $20.

Black gloves:

audrey-hepburn-costume-black-glovesGo for a pair of elbow-length black gloves. Not sure where to find them? Check online retailers like Amazon, costume shops or maybe try to scoop up a pair on sale after prom season at your local department store.


$9 – LOOK 



Definitely check out my Audrey Hepburn sunglasses article. In the 1960s, oversized frames were in fashion. So to accurately recreate this classic look, opt for a pair of large black sunglasses with light gray or purple lenses.

$10 – LOOK 

Pearl necklace:


In the film, Audrey wore a short-strand white pearl necklace with many layers. However, just about any length of pearl necklace will work. If you don’t already own similar jewelry, take a trip to your local thrift shop. You might even find some strands from the same era as “Breakfast at Tiffany’s!”

$25 Option $13 Option


A tiara from amazon.com. This is great for Audrey Hepburn Halloween costume ideasThe crown jewel to complete this Audrey Hepburn costume idea is obviously the tiara. This is a small (but not understated) silver headpiece with rhinestone accents. You should be able to find something similar at a costume shop or a women’s accessories specialty store.

$10 – LOOK 

Cigarette Holder:

Black Cigarette Holder (Toy/Prop) This isn’t a real cigarette holder, but it does the job! Now I’m not condoning to smoke because it’s very unhealthy for you.  Audrey did smoke a lot on screen and off screen.  So for those who want to leave this part out of their costume, that’s totally up to you.  I think it completes the whole set up though.

$5 – LOOK 



Holly Golightly Set Kit

This is a pretty convenient set offered by the lovely people at Utopiat who do a wonderful job at curating Audrey items for retail.


2Bedtime Holly Golightly Costume

This is a really easy look to pull off but you need the accessories.  I think the hardest thing to get here is the sleep mask. the sleepmask can be made by you or if you don’t have the time, ETSY has a lot of cute masks for sale.

  1. Large Tuxedo Shirt or White shirt – Get the entire costume here!
  2. Sleep Mask – Find this mask here.
  3. Wine Glass
  4. Pink-Orangey Lipstick – THIS ONE is same one Audrey used!
  5. Smokey Eye Shadows – I use these Urban Decay ones
  6. Ear Plugs with Fancy Tassles – Easily find these here.
  7. Bed Slippers
  8. Watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s!



3The Princess Ann “Roman Holiday” Costume

If you want an Audrey Hepburn costume idea that’s still recognizable — but a little less obvious than “Breakfast with Tiffany’s” — go with her casual chic ensemble from “Roman Holiday.”

A long A-line skirt:

Before the miniskirt was introduced, long A-lines cuts were the standard in the early 1960s. Pick one that sits at your waist and is approximately mid-calf in length. The color of the skirt doesn’t really matter here because “Roman Holiday” is best remembered as a black and white film.

Waist Belt:

Audrey Hepburn is famously recalled for her slender frame. You can accentuate the smallest part of your waist by donning a wide belt close to the color of your skirt.

Short-sleeve button-down shirt:

In “Roman Holiday,” Audrey wore a white collared button-down with a little bit of volume in the shoulders. If you don’t want to spend the money to buy a brand new white collared shirt, try a short-sleeved plain white tee instead.

Wedge Sandals:

For her character’s fashionable vacation ensemble, Audrey was dressed in brown sandal wedges with crisscross straps. However, the shoes weren’t really the focal point of the look – so anything you own that is neutral in color and comfortable would be an appropriate substitute.


Don’t forget the neckerchief!! a small printed scarf that is tied around the neck and carefully slanted to one side. The neckerchief is crucial to establish the time period and it really pulls together the whole look. Neckerchiefs aren’t in fashion anymore but can still be found online easily or in thrift stores.

audrey hepburn in roman holiday costume - halloween ideas


4Jo Stockton Costume from “Funny Face”

Everyone loves Jo Stockton, the kooky bookworm turned fashionista. I love it when she’s dancing in the night club in France, a spectacular performance. Lots of people have copied this SIMPLE LOOK including Kim Kardashian whether you love her or hate her!

  1. Pony Tail w/ Bangs – CHECK!
  2. Black turtleneck
  3. Black stretch Pants or slim cotton pant
  4. White Socks
  5. Black Loafers or Ballet flats
  6. Goofy personality – CHECK!










5Breakfast at Tiffany’s Cat and Dog Masks

I recently had an inquiry from Elaine, asking to post some information on where and how to get the breakfast at Tiffany’s Cat and Dog Masks.  THIS would be the PERFECT boyfriend / girlfriend combo halloween costume!! Ugh! So cute I could die! <3


They don’t make the “official” masks anywhere I’ve seen.  The only closest replica is from a shop at stonenvy, Faery Spell Creations, where they custom make them to order.  Pretty cool and pretty close replica with colors!  I sort of like the dog mask a lot better than the one Paul wore in the movie – he looked like McGruff the Crime dog! lol

6Let me know if you’d like more Audrey Hepburn Halloween Costume Ideas! I’ll be glad to make more Audrey Hepburn Costumes! 🙂

AND Happy Halloween to all the Audrey Hepburn Fans!


  1. Looking for some Halloween ideas this year and you’ve inspired me to be Holly Golightly! I knew about all the other ones except the bed time holly golightly! Great idea and simple!