The Ultimate Guide for Audrey Hepburn Gifts for Christmas or Birthdays


Are you searching for awesome Audrey Hepburn Gifts for a friend or family member?  Maybe it’s for their birthday or maybe Christmas? Or maybe you’re treating yourself? 🙂 If so, you’re in luck! This gift guide has it all, whether they are a die hard Audrey Hepburn fan or just a girl with high class tastes.  This list is the ultimate list of Audrey Hepburn Gifts that took me weeks of research to compile! So I hope you enjoy it.

First thing I would do is look for custom handmade gifts on these websites:

  • ETSY –  They have some VERY creative sellers and crafts here!
  • EBAY

I do this because custom made gifts are usually more unique and a better present in my opinion.  There’s nothing wrong with Amazon products and there are some great ones especially if you need the gift FAST.  However, sometimes it’s a little nicer to have a present that looks custom made.  There are also a few amazon products that I am going to recommend as well.

So whether you need Audrey Hepburn Christmas Gifts or Birthday Gifts, here is the list!

Table of Contents

Audrey Hepburn Purses

Audrey Hepburn PurseI was absolutely thrilled to stumble across this Breakfast at Tiffany’s purse with Audrey Hepburn on it!  All the other purses out there I found were kind of lame, but this one is perfect and it has great reviews on it, so I’m confident the quality will last. Check it out here.


Holly Golightly Sleep Mask

EVERY Audrey Hepburn fan or Breakfast at Tiffany’s fan (they are usually synonymous) wants a Holly Golightly Sleep Mask.  If you’re a fan like me, you want one.  However, the problem is that these sleep masks are really hard to come by because no stores ever sell them.  And when you do find one, it’s of poor quality and looks like crap.  Through my hard research on Etsy, I’ve found the top Holly Golightly / Audrey Hepburn Sleep Masks just for you!

Also check out my latest article on my buying guide to finding the best Holly Golightly Sleep Mask

GUIDE: Holly Golightly Sleep Mask


Best Audrey Hepburn Gifts - Holly Golightly Sleep MaskSleep Mask #1

I really like this mask.  I like the fact that the back of it has a black backing, this color helps with stains not being easily seen.   The fleece and felt look really nice however, I was hoping for something with Silk.  Colors are right on the money, probably the best proportionate mask.  I don’t necessarily like how the gold border braid is not bordering the mask exactly.


Best Audrey Hepburn GiftsSleep Mask #2

Here is my favorite mask.  Everything is sewn unlike some other masks where they use glue.  Take a look at the eyes and the overall look of the mask is exquisite.  My only complaint… which is small… is that the border braid could be a tad bit smaller, I think a smaller border braid would look better.


best audrey hepburn gitfs breakfast-at-tiffanys-sleep-mask-sleep-cottageSleep Mask #3

I like this one because it’s made of silk and the blue on it is a really NICE blue.  It’s not an exact blue from the Breakfast at Tiffany’s movies though.  Notice how the eyelids are sewn on the sleep mask AND that there are jewels for the eyes! I think is the only on that I’ve seen with jewels and it’s a nice touch.


Audrey Hepburn Shirts & Apparel

Audrey Hepburn Shirt Collection



See the entire Shirt Collection!


Audrey Hepburn DVD Films and Collections

DVD set - audrey hepburn gifts
DVD set – audrey hepburn gifts

The Audrey Hepburn 3 DVD Collection (Roman Holiday / Sabrina / Breakfast at Tiffany’s) (1961)

This DVD set has the top best movies.  If anyone is starting out with Audrey Hepburn then this is a perfect gift to start their collection especially for $10! That’s a steal!

You get my Favorite movies:

  • Sabrina
  • Breakfast At Tiffany’s
  • Roman Holiday




 The Audrey Hepburn Muse DVD Collection – COLLECTOR’S ITEM

This set contains 7 popular Audrey Hepburn movies and has a bunch of photos.  It’s a collectors item, so a lot of sites are selling these for around $200.  You won’t find this on Amazon very much, but you’ll find it on eBay somewhere.

It’s a nice set if you have the money, me personally, I would buy every movie individually for $5 – $10.


Audrey Hepburn DVD CollectionAudrey Hepburn DVD Collection ( 5 Movies) – COLLECTORS ITEM

This, like the other set above, is also considered a collector’s item.  You’ll see this set around the web going for $200.  You’ll occasionally find places like eBay where people are selling these for about $60 which is the list MRSP.  It has  Roman Holiday, Sabrina, Funny Face, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and Paris when it Sizzles.






Other Audrey Hepburn Movies I recommend.  For my top list I’ve compiled, see my article on The Best Audrey Hepburn Movies You Need to see now.






Audrey Hepburn Documentaries

Audrey Hepburn Remembered Documentary

Audrey Hepburn Remembered

My Take: A really good Audrey Hepburn Documentary.  I have found that there is not “one” documentary that does her justice.  You’ll probably have to watch a couple of documentaries to get a better picture of her.  This documentary has some great information in it, however, if you’re looking for extremely detailed info, you should definitely check out the Audrey Hepburn books above.

You can get this documentary here!

Audrey Hepburn in the Movies

My Take: Another great Audrey Hepburn documentary that every Audrey Hepburn fan needs to watch.  There are plenty of great interviews and stories  that you’ll love hearing.

You can get this documentary here.

The Audrey Hepburn Story

My Take: Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt plays Audrey Hepburn in this lovely documentary about her life.  While it’s not the most accurate documentary, it’s certainly the most entertaining and you learn a lot of things about Audrey you never knew!

You can get it here.


Audrey Hepburn / Breakfast at Tiffany’s Dress up

Audrey Hepburn Halloween Costume Ideas

I don’t know any true Audrey Hepburn fan that hasn’t dressed up or would like to dress up as Holly Golightly.

There are a lot of items to obtain, but luckily, we’ve written a great article that shows you how to get all the essential items for looking like Holly Golightly in the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  It’s fairly simple, so head on over to the Audrey Hepburn Halloween Costumes.




Audrey Hepburn Sunglasses

breakfast at tiffany's Holly Golightly Sunglasses

Part of any great Holly Golightly Costume or Audrey Hepburn Costume is the sunglasses.  Get these Holly Golightly / Visit our other article talking exclusively about Audrey Hepburn Sunglasses and learn the exact model she wore! Or you can get some imitation sunglasses that have a very close resemblance, decent quality, and they’re cheap!  Check them out here.


Best Audrey Hepburn Books

I recommend all these books to Audrey Hepburn fans.  Pick one out based on if you want a biography, photo book for the coffee table, or a book on how to be like Audrey Hepburn.  Some of these I’d recommend more over others, I’ll note them below.

You can visit my article on these Audrey Hepburn books if you want more info or photos.

See the Book Collection

Audrey Hepburn: Portraits of an Icon by Terrence Pepper


Reasons to buy this:

  • The Ultimate Coffee Table Book – If you are looking for a photobook, this is the one to get!
  • 192 pages – Beautifully laid out with breathtaking photographs on every page – This is a perfect book to thumb through pictures.
  • Photographs from important photographers and rare occassions
  • Never before seen private photographs released by Audrey’s Family
  • Photography from Magazines, newspapers clippings, fashion photos etc.
  • Shows ALL the pictures from the Audrey Hepburn Exibition by the National Portrait Gallery in London, England July, 2, 2015.
  • Rare photographs of her younger years before she became famous!
  • THIS IS THE BOOK I GOT THIS YEAR and would be a perfect Audrey Hepburn Gift

Audrey Hepburn by Barry Paris

Reasons to buy this:

  • THE LONGEST Biography on Audrey Hepburn
  • 496 PAGES LONG!
  • This author has done a great job in investigating and interviewing people, close friends, and costars of Audrey’s to get their perspective of her.  There hasn’t been a biographer who has yet been able to interview as many friends and costars as this author has.
  • The author does a really great job at creating a riveting, insightful biography about a person who had no scandal in her life.
  • This is a great Biography and a must read


Enchantment: The Life of Audrey Hepburn by Donald Spoto

Reasons to buy this:

  • 368 Pages – Extremely nostalgic and a FRESH and PERSONAL perspective on Audrey Hepburn
  • The author constructs an extremely detailed portrait of a woman whose, personal insecurity, vulnerability, and innate love of family endeared her to all those exposed to her – Hepburn’s inner circle, friends, colleagues, lovers and ultimately the world.
  • Extremely detailed piece of work, this one will rival the book written by her son
  • GREAT biography of Audrey Hepburn


Audrey Hepburn, An Elegant Spirit by Sean Ferrer 1998

Reasons to buy this:

  • Written by her first born son Sean Ferrer!
  • See through the eyes of her son with personal memories and stories about Audrey
  • 256 pages of heart felt writing from her son Sean.
  • The book has personal details and memories but also serves as a biography.
  • Highly Recommended


Audrey: Her Real Story by Alexander Walker 1997

Reasons to Buy:

  • 336 pages
  • Great Biography with amazing pictures to boot.
  • This book goes more in depth into her early career than all the other books
  • Also the author tackles hard issues like anorexia and digs deep into her troubled times, divorces, miscarriages, etc. The other author Barry Paris, skirts around these types of issues or tries to paint them in the best light.
  • Researches and interviews lots of people, costars, and friends –
  • “Walker has all the facts…A meticulous account.” ―Entertainment Weekly
  • “Walker is a much better write than most Audrey biographers, and he distills the subtle image/reality of the Audrey Hepburn complex.” ―Cups
  • Reasons NOT to buy:
  • The Author doesn’t put his interviews in quotes and makes his own conjecture from his interviews. This is not a huge deal, however, the book by Barry Paris – he writes a lot of quotes from his interviews.


How to be Lovely: The Audrey Hepburn Way of Life by Melissa Hellstern

Reasons to buy this:

  • 208 Pages – This book is more of a book based on philosophies of how Audrey Hepburn lived rather than a biography
  • Perfect if you want to become more like Audrey, Live Gracefully, Charming, Elegant, and above most of all kind.
  • Imparts wisdom and insight from Audrey Hepburn


Audrey at Home: Memories of My Mother’s Kitchen by Luca Dotti

Reasons to buy this:

  • 256 Pages – Extremely nalstalgic and a FRESH and PERSONAL perspective on Audrey Hepburn
  • Written by Audrey’s youngest son, Luca Dotti!
  • Finally get a glimpse into the private world of Audrey’s that no one ever knew about from the perspective of her son – her children, friends she had over, her pets that she loved and adored, her lifestyle at home
  • Recollections of favorite memories, excerpts from her personal correspondence such as mail, anecdotes, drawings, her favorite recipes written in her own handwriting.
  • Previously unplublished photographs
  • Audrey Hepburn’s own recipes! So you can recreate the same things that she ate

Just being Audrey by Margaret Cardillo

Reasons to buy this:

  • Perfect intro into Audrey Hepburn
  • In 32 pages of cute illustrations, kids and adults can both learn a thing or two about Audrey Hepburn.
  • Gorgeous illustrations
  • The book covers her childhood, career, motherhood, and unicef work.
  • Teaching concepts about KINDNESS, helping others, and self acceptance and hard work to children.
  • FINAL THOUGHT: The book is extremely cute, and as an adult, sometimes reteaching something in a children’s book format will drive home a point more – it’s cute but also in depth.


Audrey Style by Pamela Clarke Keogh

Reasons to buy this:

  • 235 Pages worth of pretty pictures
  • Perfect for a coffee table book
  • Audrey Style is more of a biography rather than a study of her style.
  • It has text through out the pages so there is as much reading as there are pictures. You’ll learn a thing or two about audrey
  • It’s not you’re ordinary run of the mill biography.

Audrey Hepburn Posters

Are your walls plain and boring?  Why not spice it up with the things that you love and adore! Check out these posters and all of the other ones in our collection!

See the ENTIRE Poster Collection!

Audrey Hepburn Dolls

Does your daughter want an Audrey Hepburn doll to play around with?  Or maybe you your wife or friend are more of a collector and connoisseur of art.  Whatever the case is, these dolls are sure to please.

Lulemee Dolls

I was lucky enough to stumble across this one website where this very talented lady paints these fantastic one of a kind (OOAK) Audrey Hepburn Dolls. She also paints other dolls as well.  Go ahead and visit the link above to go to her home page and see for yourself, it is quite a site to see. Look at the enormous amount of detail and care that she puts into these dolls to make them look just like Audrey.  All I can say is wow.

She sells these dolls, but considering the amount of time she puts into these as an art, they might be a bit expensive.  So if you’re buying these as a collector, these are one of a kind, remarkable beauties, that you won’t find anywhere else.

Contact Lulemee for more details.


Barbie – Sabrina Doll

Here is another Audrey Hepburn Doll from the movie Sabrina made by Mattel’s line of Barbie brand.  Not as detailed as Lulamee’s dolls, but if you’re a collector of barbies then this one is for you.





 Breakfast at Tiffany’s Doll

This is a pretty looking doll.  It doesn’t look exactly like Audrey Hepburn… it’s still pretty close, but it showcases her with a debutante look.  She looks a little cold and not friendly. It’s great if you’re going for that fashion runway, model look!  Still a wonderful looking doll for the price with multiple wardrobes and accessories.  It depends on what look you’re going for.


Audrey Hepburn Bags & Totes

(Click on the images for more details and pricing)

These little knap sacks and totes are really handy and useful!  Tote around your stuff on the go. And their designs are gorgeous and well done! Get this tote bag here

Breakfast at Tiffany's tote Bag

Get this Breakfast at Tiffany’s Tote Bag here

Get this Holly Golightly Tote Bag here

Get this Holly Golightly Tote Bag here

Audrey purse

Get this Audrey purse here

Audrey Hepburn Large Recycled Shopper Tote

Get this Audrey Hepburn shopper tote / grocery bag


Holly Golightly Sleep Set

1 sleep mask set - audrey hepburn giftsYou don’t just want only the sleep mask do ya? Of course not, you want the ear plugs and the Tuxedo pajama nighty.  This is priced at about $80.  It may seem expensive, but they are really high quality

Take a look at the set below:

Sleep Mask, Tassel Ear Plugs, and Tuxedo Nighty

More from their etsy store:

I am an Audrey




Audrey Hepburn Jewelry

Here are a few jewelry items that Audrey Hepburn would recommend… basically she loved pearls.

pearl earringsPearl Earrings

Audrey Hepburn loved pearls for the simple and classy feel.  Pearls are simple shapes and have a certain timeless appeal to them that are really versatile.  You can wear pearls on almost any occasion, dress them up or down.

You can get them here


 Pearl Necklace

Audrey Hepburn’s pearl necklace was her favorite jewelry that she owned.

Typically I just go for the fake pearl necklaces, but have you ever felt a real pearl necklace? There’s quite a difference in feel to them. Anyways, I ran into a deal that you might like. This is an exquisite pearl necklace for a bargain of $99 right now.  They come with a certification that they are real and they have glowing reviews on Amazon.  I’m thinking about picking one of these up when I get my next paycheck.

You can get this necklace here



Breakfast at Tiffany’s Necklace Replica that Holly Golightly wore.

I found this website called lovettandco and they have made a replica of the Breakfast at Tiffany’s Necklace that Audrey Hepburn had worn in the movie and photo shoots.  It’s actually looks almost identical to the one that Audrey wore.

So if you want to dress up as Holly Golightly, pick up one of these bad boys and this will surely give you an edge

It’s close to £38 (British pounds) which means it’s roughly $70 I believe.



Audrey Hepburn Mug and Cups

(Click on the images for more details and pricing)

audrey hepburn tall ceramic mug

Get this Tall Ceramic Mug Here

happiest girls are the prettiest girls Audrey Hepburn quote mug

Get this “Happy Girls are the Prettiest Girls” Mug here

black and white Breakfast at Tiffany's Mug for coffee

Get this black and white Breakfast at Tiffany’s Mug on this site.

holly golightly mug

Get this mug here. Love the pink accents! It’s time to drink your coffee with some style in the morning!


Audrey Hepburn Clock

Check out this beautiful Audrey Hepburn Clock which is Wall Mount type.

Do you need to put a dash of Audrey on your wall to liven up the mood? This would make a great clock for the theatre room! You can get this awesome Audrey Hepburn clock here.

Cute Breakfast at Tiffany's Clock - Wall Mount

Cute Breakfast at Tiffany’s Clock – Wall Mount: Click the image to find out details and where to buy this

Life Size Audrey Hepburn Standup Cut Out

Check out this life size Audrey Hepburn standup cardboard cutout, these are awesome!

Take your pic! These are stunning cutouts of Audrey Hepburn! The cardboard cutout standups are LIFE SIZE.  This is a great gift for any fan and is a collectible!!! They are well made, and will last a life time if you take care of it!  Get these standups here.

Elegant Audrey Hepburn Wall Vinyl Decals

This is a stunning "i believe..." audrey hepburn wall decal.

Check out this beautiful wall decal! I love the font and the embellishment at the bottom! You can grab this wonderful Audrey Hepburn decal here!

Get this now! "Paris is always a good idea" wall decal.

Paris is ALWAYS a great idea! So True! City of love! <3 One of these days I’ll make it there… in the meantime, I’ll have this nifty little wall decoration to remind me.

I love this, "happy girls are the prettiest girls" wall decal quote!

One of the best quotes because it’s so true! You are 10x more beautiful when you’re happy and energetic and kind! A great quote to have on the wall to remind you everyday that it’s important and not some superficial beauty.  Get this awesome wall decal here!

i love you to the moon and back decal

Audrey Hepburn Perfume

Audrey Hepburn Perfume bottle L'Interdit

Audrey Hepburn perfume!  This was the perfume that Givenchy made exclusively for her and then later marketed it.  The perfume is a little expensive (like $200) because a lot of people cannot find the original bottle of L’Interdit. You’ll need to find the bottle that looks like the picture on the side and not the newer ones found online – these bottles look different and smell different from the one that Audrey wore. Click here to get this perfume!

Audrey Hepburn Tin Lunch Box

Get this Audrey Hepburn Lunchbox made out of Tin Metal!

Why have a boring lunch inside a boring lunchbox?? Why not make it fun and let everyone know that you’re an Audrey Hepburn or Breakfast at Tiffany’s fan!  It’s great quality, love the color combos with the black and pink, and it’s a collectible!  Find out more details and get your lunchbox here!

Cute Audrey Hepburn Pillows

Breakfast at Tiffany'Audrey Hepburn Linen Cotton Pillowcase Square Cushion Cover
Love the color of these pillows! Classy and elegant! Perfect for adding the accent of color with some flare!  Click on the images above to get one!

paris pillow

A very well done throw pillow that has a very nice texture. Click the image to get this!

Check out this happy girls are the prettiest pillow!

A very nice pillow! Happy Girls are the Prettiest! The truth.  A very well done throw pillow for your bed or for your couch!  Click the image to get one today.

Check this Audrey Hepburn watercolor pillow out!A GORGEOUS Pillow!  I love the purple and blue colors and beautiful water painted artwork.  Definitely a pillow I would give to a fan. Click on the image above to pick one up.Paris is always a good idea pillow

Love this rendition, coloring is spot on with the white, blue border and the pink.

Get this pillow of Audrey Hepburn yawning!

Perfect image for a pillow! Audrey Yawning getting ready for bed!

Get this Breakfast at Tiffany's Pillow!

A very nice burlap textured pillow with our favorite Holly Golightly!

Look at this charming Audrey Hepburn pillow case!

Need some Audrey Pillow cases with some cool artwork? Click the image to find out more details!


Audrey Hepburn Bedding Set

Get this Audrey Hepburn bedding!

Get this lovely iconic old time classical movie bedding in bright bold colors of all your favorite actors and actresses!

Audrey Hepburn Cellphone Case

(Click on the images for more details and pricing)

This lovely iphone case is for the 6 plus, and it features one of Audrey’s best quotes ” The Best thing to Hold onto in life is each other”.    This looks like a pretty slick case, can’t wait to get my hands on it.


See the Other Phone Cases



 Audrey Hepburn Notebooks

(Click on the images for more details and pricing)

 Audrey Hepburn Roman Holiday A5 NotebookGet this gorgeous notebook here

Here is a great looking Audrey Hepburn Notebook with a beautiful portrait of her on the cover and then also watermarks on the pages!

Double spiral bound and elastic keeper that holds your notebook together.  To me, this looks very cute and classic!


Breakfast at Tiffany's Notebook

CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE: Here is a Breakfast at Tiffany’s Notebook that is from the same company.  Same great double binding for durability, elastic enclosure for neatness and protection.  Great binder if you are a Breakfast at Tiffany’s fan!


CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE: Another Breakfast at Tiffany’s binder from the same company with a different design.


CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE:I have this folder keeper, and I like it because it has that cool effect where you tilt the folder one way and you see one image, and you tilt the folder the other way and you see a completely different image.  Pretty durable and sturdy I must say.

 Buy a Cat… and name it Cat 😉

breakfast at tiffany's cat called orangey

Everybody loves the cat from Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  As a present you could get an orange tabby cat, and around it’s collar you could have a name tag that says “Cat – Poor Slob”.  Here is more information on Orangey cat, the Breakfast at Tiffany’s cat.




Audrey Hepburn Clothing

(coming Soon)×18-inches


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  1. Really really great gifts ideas! I’m either thinking about the dolls or pillows. The pillow are incredibly cute. I was checking out lulema’s dolls and they are simply breathtaking… anyways, my wife ADORES Audrey Hepburn and this list gave me so many good ideas. Love it! Thanks – Gregory Manzilla

  2. What an OUTSTANDING list of Audrey Hepburn gift ideas. And not only for the holidays, but for anytime! This list must have taken you forever to put together, so thank you!

    Happy Holidays to you! And thanks again for such a wonderful blog!


  3. Wow! Had know idea that there were so many options for Audrey memorabilia. Thank you for your labor of love and admiration.

  4. I’d like to find a necklace similar to her blue bib necklace, I had the cat Betsy Johnson sunglasses, but an Uber driver stole it from me, and I’m buying all I need to DIY mask and ear plugs. I’ll ask a friend who makes beautiful dresses if she can do me a dress, I’d love the hot pink or purple ones. Audrey always inspired me to wear pearls, hats, pencil skirts paired with a classic white blouse which I bought from CH and I received many compliments, I rather dress classy and gracious than sexy-vulgar, although some men find very elegant and somehow sexy if a girl dresses like iconic and lovely Audrey, I know I’m a little obsessed with all about her and filmography, that;’s why I have many accessories in Tiffany blue, although I never wore her style as a costume but to fancy my outfits. Thanks so much for sharing with the loyal fans, it takes time to do this and that shows that you’re a lovely and fun girl, and BTW we have in common the love for chocolates and many pair of missing socks, lol. Blessings, have a beautiful day everyday!

  5. Oh my, I’m fan of Audrey, and I just discovered this website, and I gotta say, these Audrey Memorabilia gifts choices are just completely gorgeous. Truly admire the passion and hard work.

    • Thank you so much, I appreciate your kind words! 🙂 It took a lot of time to create the site. But now just recently it’s been having some legal issues, so I’m not sure how much longer the site will be up :/